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Silence that Noisy Receiver Hitch with the De-Rattler!

End Tow Bar Rattles with the De-Rattler
De-Rattler in Red or Yellow

Do you have an annoying rattle in your receiver hitch? Make it go away with the De-Rattler!

It fits any 2" to 2 1/2" receiver and will take any extra play out, ending that noise once and for all. Comes with corrosion resistant steel hardware with either Red or Yellow powder coated finish.

Instructions (PDF Format)

#D-R-R Red Powder Coat Option $39.95 ea
#D-R-Y Yellow Powder Coat Option $39.95 ea


Tired of reaching down way under the dash to pull fuses? End that back pain with the De-Fuser! With this easy to install remote switch and fuse assembly you'll only need to flip a switch prior to towing to disconnect your fuses from your system. We have a model for One Fuse and another for Two Fuse systems. Fits Standard Automotive Blade Style Fuses.

Single Fuse De-Fuser Circuit and Switch Single Fuse De-Fuser Circuit and Switch Assembly
#DF-1000 $65.95


Instructions (PDF)

Double Fuse De-Fuser Circuit and Switch Double Fuse De-Fuser Circuit and Switch Assembly
#DF-2000 $87.95


Instructions (PDF)


Heavy Duty Hitch Pins

These Heavy Duty Hitch pins feature a giant rubber coated handle making them a lot easier to pull when removing a Hitch. They also feature a lanyard to help keep them attached to the vehicle while working. Available in multiple sizes, see below.

1/2 inch x 4 inch Hitch Pin with Lanyard 1/2" Dia x 3 5/8" Long Hitch Pin
#.50-HPIN $15 pair
5/8 inch x 4 inch Hitch Pin with Lanyard 5/8" Dia x 4" Long Hitch Pin
#.625-HPIN $9 ea
3/4 inch x 4 inch Hitch Pin with Lanyard 3/4" Dia x 4" Long Hitch Pin
#.750-HPIN $15.50 pair
Demco 9523046 Hitch Pins Demco 1/2" Dia Quick Release Hitch Pins
#9523046 $14.00 pair

When ordering one of our tow bars if you also buy a demco baseplate we ship the tow bar with 1/2" bent pins. But we have found out that the bent pins we provide will allow the Demco baseplate connection point to bend a little. So demco has some special pins they make to prevent this problem. So naturally they cost more.


Tow Bar Rock Deflector

PN# TRD $250.00

Towbar Rock Deflector (ZOOM)If you have seen those big plastic rock deflectors on the market that deflect rocks up into the back of your motorhome, then you'll appreciate this design even more.

NSA RV Products has a vastly improved rock deflector design that prevents rocks from hitting either the towed vehicle or the back of your motorhome. It's simple to use and hooks and unhooks in minutes.

Installation Instructions (PDF)


Tow Bar Rock Deflector
#TRD $250.00


TBC Tow Bar CoverRV Tow Bar Cover

Protect your TowBar while it's in storage with our durable, easy to use cover specifically made for use with ReadyBrake™ Tow Bars. Storage straps included.

RV Tow Bar Cover
#TBC $72.95

Readystop Towed Vehicle Brake AwayReadystop Towed Vehicle Break Away

This device will set and hold the brakes on your towed vehicle in the event it should ever become separated from your coach while in motion. The Readystop is easy to install, non-invasive, and meets all United State and Canadian requirements.

Readystop Towed Vehicle Break Away
#RS-5000 $109.95

Safety Cables

For a vehicle being towed behind a motorhome. 2 Coiled 7 ft. long safety cables, each rated at 4,000 lbs.


Safety Cables
#TC-8000 $46.95

DL-300 In Dash Brake Indicator In-Dash Light Monitor

Motorhome Dash light for the monitoring of your towed vehicle braking system from the safety and comfort of your motor home.

Each In-Dash Brake Indicator comes complete with a 50 ft. 18 gauge black wire harness with weather head, and a dash mounted LCD light and complete installation instructions with wiring schematic.

In-Dash Light Monitor
#DL-300 $54.95

Brake Circuit DisconnectBrake Circuit Disconnect

Disconnects the signal being sent by the towed vehicles brake pedal while being towed.

Each Brake Circuit Disconnect comes complete with 30 amp. relay, 4- 5 ft. 14 gauge leads and complete installation instructions with wiring schematic. The Brake circuit disconnect may be used with any braking system which activates the towed vehicles brake pedal, when the towed has turn signal lamps which are separated from the brake signal lamps. For more detailed information as to why this may be required you can request the product information sheet.

Brake Circuit Disconnect
#BCD-110 $43.95

Extra Cable Harness KitExtra Cable Harness Kit

If you want to set up another vehicle to be towed, this is the same package of cables that comes with a Ready Brake when it is new.

Comes complete with adjustable aircraft cable sling, black cable conduit housing with internal aircraft cable & brake tie pedal clamps.

Extra Cable Harness Kit
#RB-011 $76.95

6 Way Harness & Receptacles

6-Way Receptacle for the motorhome and the front end of the vehicle with the pig tail.

6 Way Harness & Receptacles
#9523006 $80.00

Wiring Harness for Towed Vehicle Tail-Lights behind a Motor Home

The NSA RV Products wiring harness comes with 2 6-way receptacles, 4 diodes and 1 pig tail which stretches across the tow bar and all the wiring you will need to do the job.

This wiring harness uses the existing tail lights on your towed vehicle so you do not need to buy any other items, everything is included in the kit. It will fit every tow vehicle car, truck, SUV it does not matter.

The kit comes with 2 6-way receptacles just in case you do not have both of them, 1 for the motorhome and one for the towed vehicle.

Wiring harness for Towed Vehicle Tail-Lights
#9523006-9523010 $160.00

Non-Invasive Towed Vehicle Wiring Harness

The NSA RV Products wiring harness comes with 2 sockets with light bulbs and hardware you will need to complete the job.

When using this kit, you open up the red tail light lens and cut an opening to install the extra sockets into the chrome reflective housing material. This kit is so non-evasive to your towed vehicles wiring harness, you do not need to tie into the harness what so ever. After this is done run the wire under the frame and hook it to the front bumper.

The only draw back to this kit is you need to make sure there is room in your red tail light lens housing to mount another bulb in there. If there is you're good to go.

Non-Invasive Towed Vehicle Wiring Harness
#9523047 $80.00

12 Volt DC Vacuum Pump

PN# V-P $351.95

Some customers feel that no Supplemental brake system will work on a tow vehicle unless the brake booster has vacuum when in tow. NSA RV Products has come out with a vacuum pump to power the brake booster to help customers through this dilemma.

The pump is only activated when the brake booster drops below 11 inches of vacuum. The pump will then stay on until it reaches 15 inches of vacuum.

To see how this device works in more detail go to our installation instructions and download the vacuum pump installation instructions.

12 Volt DC Vacuum Pump
#VP $351.95

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