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Ready Brake Tow Brake And Ready Stop Breakaway

Our Ready Brake supplemental surge tow brake system requires no electricity to work since it uses the weight and momentum of the towed vehicle to move a lever attached to the brake pedal with a cable.  Simple, straight forward proportional braking that works every time without draining your battery.  Since it's all mechanical there isn't much that can go wrong with the Ready Brake so we cover it with a Lifetime Warranty.  Ready Brake will attach to any tow bar with a 2 inch receiver or you can get the Ball style system for tow bars that attach with a ball.  The ball style Ready Brake is the same as the receiver style, we just custom fitted a ball stinger into it that can be removed by taking out a bent pin, making it a receiver style Ready Brake.

The ReadyStop emergency break away kit is a separate system and uses it's own cable that connects to the towed vehicle brake pedal.  The ReadyStop can be used with a Ready Brake or on it's own.  Please click on a product below for more information about how it works or to purchase one.