RV Towing Guide

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A collection of handy tips to help tow your car safely behind your motorhome

ReadyBrake Surge Brake Tips

  • When towing with a ReadyBrake always make sure your ReadyBrake is the last thing to touch your towbar. Other wise never put a drop receiver between the ReadyBrake and the the towbar. Drop receivers should be located between the ReadyBrake and the RV.
  • When routing the black cable conduit for the ReadyBrake installation always secure it along the way in the engine compartment with zip ties or other fastening device, especially at any place where it bends in the routing. Use a the most direct path from the ReadyBrake to your cars brake pedal. Do not wrap it in circles, it needs to be in the straightest line possible. This is the universal conduit that is intended to be cut to length.
  • When towing with a ReadyBrake make sure the towbar is level within 2" for best results. When the ReadyBrake is level the braking system works most efficiently.
  • Always install a DL100 in dash light monitoring device to know when your brakes are being applied, you won't regret it.
  • Make sure after the aircraft cable is installed in the towed vehicle and all hooked up that you test that the cable moves freely without bind. Step on the brake pedal with your foot and watch to see that the loop moves in and out freely. If this does not happen when you step on the brake pedal your installation with the black cable conduit was not done correctly. You likely have a tight bend somewhere along the path of the black conduit.

Towbar Usage Tips

  • When towing a car with a tow bar make sure the safety cables crisscross. This means you should hook one cable to the passenger side of the car and run it across to the drivers side of your RV. The second cable should connect from the drivers side of the towed vehicle to the passenger side of the RV. The two cables will cross in the center. Should there be a towing problem and the car gets unhooked from the towbar this will help center the car behind your RV until you can get stopped. If the cables are not crisscrossed the towed vehicle can whip side to side behind your RV. Crisscrossing the cables will also prevent the towbar from dropping to the ground which could cause it to dig into the ground and pole vault.
  • Towbars should be level within about 2" regardless of the brand you are using. The greater the misalignment from a level condition the more forces you are placing on the receiver hitch or ball and all parts of your towbar.

General Towing Tips

  • Never exceed the towing limits of your tow rig or your towbar. It's only as strong as the weakest link.
  • Remember when you are towing the your entire vehicle is now longer by the length of the towed vehicle and towbar. It's easy to forget you have a car in tow behind the RV.
  • Check all turn signals and brake light functions before towing.
  • Always allow for more stopping distance when towing.

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